Through the Baobab
Poetry by Angela K Robinson & Falko

  1. Angela K Robinson
    Angela K Robinson
    Life is like a slow flowing river and the wheels of the watermill keep turning forever as man cannot stop or stem the tide...
  2. Falko
    Memories, like leaves caught on a breeze from the fire, dance for me like acrobatic tail feathers...
  3. Writing partnership
    Writing partnership
    In 2006 Angela K Robinson and Falko began the writing partnership and the trilogy of their poetic works are listed below.

Through the Baobab

Crimson Echoes

Crystal Shadows Unlocked

Frivolous and foreboding poetry of life providing a spice rack of word

An inspirational and lyrical Mother and Daughter adventure of words

Poetically evocative and encouraging words of refreshment

Through the Baobab
Poetic words of refreshment

  1. Lead me through the baobab by Falko
    Lead me through the baobab by Falko
  2. Mineral clear and true by Falko
    Mineral clear and true by Falko
  3. April grey by Falko
    April grey by Falko
  4. Mountain stream by Falko
    Mountain stream by Falko
  5. Beautiful by Falko
    Beautiful by Falko

Angela K Robinson's poetry


Growing up in the heart of Africa, an appreciation for nature was nurtured during the early years travelling with her parents and siblings from place to place within Zimbabwe. While building roads in the wilds, her father’s work took his family on journeys through wide open dry areas, at other times through dense forests, over kopjes, across rivers alive with birds and animals the overwhelming silence, with only the wind and hum of the trucks for company. She shares her poetic reflections, love of wildlife and literature with the reader to catch a glimpse of the timeless echoes of Africa and changes that have taken place.
Titles by Angela K Robinson
  • Kaleidoscope of words and dreams
  • One tear
  • Quietly so
Titles by Falko
  • Seeing Red
  • Sanguinity
  • On the move
  • Acting up
  • Falko

Falko's poetry

Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right. Communication is one of our greatest needs. Falko the Expressionist celebrates both with a commitment to responsibility 'to be at peace in the warmth of contentment having said all' Falko... I watched in awe as the birth of the morning burst the chill of the silver skies..